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ATs Off the Clock: Rob Dicks

Turn up the volume for this one!

Meet Rob Dicks. A 2001 alum of Valdosta State University, you probably know him as the Head Athletic Trainer for the LaGrange College Panthers. But we want to give you a glimpse of Rob from the other side of the mixer to meet DJ Rob!

Rob enjoys several activities outside of athletic training, but DJ’ing is one that has been pretty good for me and

have allowed me to travel and work with a ton of people outside of athletics. He enjoys it so much that he has been working as a DJ for over 10 years now. Rob has taken his DJ talent to parties, weddings, and numerous community events. For the last three years he has even been the in-house DJ for one of the locations for Ice Days, which is a mobile ice skating rink. The name of his DJ Group is GMD (Good Muzik DJs) and the group consists of Rob and a former student-athlete who spin records on the one’s and two’s.

It’s lots of fun! I’ve always loved music and I enjoy creating a great atmosphere of fun for all. - Rob Dicks

Curious what it takes to make the magic happen? Rob has put together a solid equipment package to support his events. He uses a Serato DJ Pro his mixer platform and he mixes with a Pioneer DDJ-SX3 4-Channel controller. Add to that a wireless Mackie Thump 15A Loud Speaker setup along with GTD Audio G-733H wireless mics and he’s ready to go. Take notes on this if you ever want to be a DJ yourself!

Rob says his most requested songs are anything from TikTok and, believe it or not, “Remix to Ignition”… some classics just never get old for a party! As far as the wildest and/or funniest things Rob has seen while working, Rob claims “Drunken Karaoke” as the funniest night ever by far. And even though he’s supposed to be “off the clock” as an AT, Rob has had to put his skills to work treating someone injured while attempting some type of “jump” dance move and a possible concussion between two persons slam dancing in a mosh pit. Sounds like they’re keeping DJ Rob on his toes!

If you need someone to spin up some good music for your next event, get in touch with Rob and the Good Muzik DJs!! And if you or a Georgia AT you know has an interesting hobby then let us know!